Success Factors for Process Management and Process Improvement

Autor: Skender Mustafi

Abstract The aim of this paper is to elaborate the most important critical factors which have impact over the successful Business Process Management (BPM) and business process improvement. Therefore as bases for analyzing the problem has been taken the estimations of different authors and a practical example form selected international producer. Different authors have represented different kind of critical success factors depending on the point of view and the importance they estimate. The factors shown in this short paper show that in order to be able to understand the kind of critical factors which would be reflecting BPM it is necessary firstly to be understood the processes and the people involved in these processes. Thus, the challenge for companies is both to define a strategy for deploying BPM, and to prepare the working environment by estimating critical success factors and finding proper solutions for these factors. I. INTRODUCTION The main focus of companies today is process orientation. This means, companies use processes to group and correlate activities to realize products and services. Having a healthy implemented BPM means reaching the SEMIOTIC (Reynolds, 2008) which is not easy as it seems, therefore researching companies have developed different models which evaluate and help process management and improvement. Despite all the preparations for easily BPM implementation and improvement there still are critical success factors which determine the successful implementation and improvement of the processes. By researching different literature sources and by analyzing a given concrete case this paper will show the different types of critical success factors and their impact in BPM.   The whole research paper you can download on this link: [Download not found]

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