The Relationship between Online and Offline Marketing

Skender Mustafi
Lionel Jost
Tuan Nguyen


The aim of this paper is to elaborate the relationship between online and offline marketing. As fundamental research problem has been taken the spread opinion that online marketing is only providing additional instruments to the traditional framework. Therefore the marketing framework itself has been analysed and connected with popular views on different online marketing aspects. Through careful studying of marketing strategies, goals and the marketing mix the question arises, whether the online marketing framework follows the same basic mechanics as the traditional framework, which would have to be a precondition in order to extend the traditional framework with the tools of the age of the internet. For the analysis, multiple marketing functions and examples of marketing instruments have been analysed on the aspects of the compatibility to each other, of the differences, of the integration in the company and of the use and results of those activities and course of actions.

Despite the opinions of famous authors, this paper shows that online marketing and offline marketing are neither the same nor completely different frameworks. In fact, they both follow the same super concept but differ in details of the mechanics. The examples made in this paper show, that a certain marketing activity performed online and offline, does not necessarily contribute to the same marketing strategy, goal or objective. In order to achieve an optimal integration of online and offline marketing, those differences have to be understood by the companies and the tactics need to be implemented with careful coordination. Thus, the challenge for companies is not to decide whether they want to deploy online marketing or not, but moreover to rethink the concept of marketing within the company and out on the market.


You can download the whole research paper on this link: [Download not found]



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